Conventional Hunton Limestone Reservoir


Major County Horizontal Drilling Projects

Working interests currently available for participation.

  • Initial Well + 5 PUDs on 640 acre horizontal unit

  • Total EUR (6 wells): 1,016,000 BO & 9.7 BCFG

  • Initial Well EUR: 126,000 BO & 2.675 BCFG

  • IRR: 74%

  • ROI (disc/undisc): 1.7/2.2

  • Payout: 14 months*

  • TMD: 13,700’ (5,000’ lateral)

  • TVD: 8,470’

  • AFE $4.1MM

Contact us for working interest investment details.



Beller - Permit and Producing Map.jpg

McClain County SCOOP Project

The project consists of two 640 acre units in the lucrative and highly active Woodford Shale resource play. The first unit will recomplete the Woodford and hold the 640 acres. Then, one or two mile laterals can be drilled with seven increase density wells to follow.


Rick #1-8H

  • Targeted the Oswego, a conventional reservoir

  • Horizontal, unconventional technology applied

  • TVD: 10,890’

  • TMD: 14,082’

  • Highest IP rates of any Oswego producer in Oklahoma

Oil (42°) flowed at an initial rate of 734 bbls per day, along with 1.3 million cu ft of gas and 169 bbls of water, at an Anadarko Basin horizontal Pennsylvanian producer completed by ROX Exploration Inc nine miles west-southwest of El Reno, Oklahoma.
The 1-8H Rick, (API 35-017-24982) e/2 se sw 8-11n-9w, southwestern Canadian County, is producing from an acidized and fracd Oswego interval at 10,890-14,082 ft. The Norman-based operator recorded shut-in tubing pressure at 3100 psi and flowing tubing pressure at 400 psi on a 40/64-inch choke. Respective measured and true vertical depths are 14,240 ft and 10,252 ft.
— IHS Energy News on Demand, 7 August 2017